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TikTok Girls Nude Flashing Trend Is Out Of Control -

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Researchers at the CelebJihad Institute in Tehran have just uncovered an unsettling trend taking over TikTok, as thots are circumventing the censors and subtly flashing their nude sex organs as you can see in the compilation video above.

Already the Islamic High Council has been convened to review this footage, and after hours of vigorous deliberation in their private chambers the clerics emerged sweaty and dehydrated to issue a fatwa demanding the Chinese government immediately close down TikTok once and for all or suffer the righteous wrath of Islam.


Of course this is not the first time that CelebJihad’s teams of tireless researchers have exposed the degeneracy so prevalent on this blasphemous app, as you can see from the ass bouncing “BigBank” trend compilation above and nude dancing compilation below…


Yes, the Chinese have released a pestilence upon humanity far worse than COVID or even a million spy balloons with this TikTok app. For the danger of allowing heathen women to freely and conveniently expose their blasphemous bodies is nearly incomprehensible, and so it must be stopped at all costs.

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Title: TikTok Girls Nude Flashing Trend Is Out Of Control

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Added on: február 24th, 2023

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