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Kristen Bell Nude Outtake From “Spartan” Released -

Uploader: nemadmin.

The video above appears to feature a recently released outtake of actress Kristen Bell’s nude scene from the open matte version of her 2004 film “Spartan”.

Kristen Bell sexy

Us pious Muslims can certainly see why this topless outtake was cut from the film, for with her halal androgynous haircut and smooth nubile appearance Kristen Bell looked like she could be one of our beloved bacha bazi (dancing boys)… But her unsightly feminine breasts in this scene certainly ruin that erotic illusion.

Kristen Bell sexy

Kristen’s sexually ambiguous appearance is the only thing good about this movie, as it is yet another Zionist hit piece besmirching the Islamic practice of human trafficking. Of course the holy Qur’an is very clear that stuffing women into shipping containers bound for the Middle East is not only permissible, but it is a righteous act of liberation.

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Title: Kristen Bell Nude Outtake From “Spartan” Released

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Added on: március 12th, 2024

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