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Margot Robbie Vs. Sydney Sweeney: Nude Scenes Battle Royal -

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Actresses Margot Robbie and Sydney Sweeney have both recently expressed their strong desire to star in a movie together, no doubt so they can finally settle who is the top harlot in heathen Hollywood. So its only fitting that we compare and contrast the nude scenes that these thot thespians have put out so far in the videos below.

Battle 1: Margot Robbie “Focus” & “Babylon” vs. Sydney Sweeney “Vikes” & “Anyone But You”

Even though Margot Robbie shows much more of her bare breast and some of her ass, the little bit of tit that Sydney displays more than holds its own.

Result: Tie


Battle 2: Margot Robbie “Dreamland” vs. Sydney Sweeney “Euphoria”


Sydney Sweeney’s nude scenes are much longer and feature a lot more sex in this battle… But unfortunately for Sydney she gets an automatic DQ for laying with a dirt skin Sub-Saharan.

Result: Margot Robbie Win


Battle 3: Margot Robbie “The Wolf of Wall Street” vs. Sydney Sweeney “The Voyeurs”


While Margot Robbie goes full frontal in an undeniably iconic deeply depraved nude scene, Sydney Sweeney has a lot more sex in her scenes. And while Margot certainly has a much prettier face, Sydney’s enormous udders bouncing around take the dub.

Result: Sydney Sweeney Win

So we end up with a tie, with the tiebreaker to be determined when these two degenerate Jezebels meet up on the big screen. No doubt with their sinful sex organs lubed up and ready to go.

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Title: Margot Robbie Vs. Sydney Sweeney: Nude Scenes Battle Royal

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